There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that there are many benefits from exposing children to a second language, including enhancing their language development, improving creative thinking and even greater overall academic performance. Not only that, but by engaging with a different language and culture, kids build a greater connection with the world around them and learn to embrace diversity.

Our Hola Amigos Spanish classes have been designed by a native Spanish speaker to engage children in learning a second language through creative play, song, dance, craft and music. Our classes offer a fun, relaxed learning environment and are always full of laughter and smiles.

We provide a range of kinder curriculum and incursion programs as well as group classes for preschoolers and primary school aged children in the outer Eastern region of Melbourne.

Extending on from these programs, Global Kids has recently introduced a training program for bilingual Early Learning educators, allowing them to deliver our quality program and modality in their native language. This helps embed language and culture into the centre’s existing curriculum, and provides a unique opportunity for bilingual staff members to share their own origins with the children in their care.

Welcome to Global Kids, Language and Culture at Play.